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FORO Soccer Club is an American Soccer club currently based in Dallas, Texas, and a new member of the United Premier Soccer League. FORO Soccer Club will begin play in the UPSL Central Conference.

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Camp Gladiator

“Come try out your first Camp Gladiator workout for free, or sign up for 4 weeks!”

DAYS: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

TIME: 5 AM and 6:15 AM

WHERE: TOP of the Parking garage across from Foro Sports club

What to bring: Water, dumbbells (10lb or greater), and an outdoor fitness mat.

***Mat and dumbbells will be provided for your first workout***

Email, call, or text Rachel Holden for more details and any questions.

Email: rachelholden@campgladiator.com

Phone: 214-686-5136


La Liga Youth Soccer Camp

From August 5th to August 9th we will be at Dallas. So if you live in or arounds Dallas bring your athletes to improve their skills with our top coaches.

Our mission:

Our mission is to help young athletes improve their soccer skills, techniques, and understanding of the game with the instruction and dedication of our world renowned coaches. To create a dynamic, educational and fun environment to develope teamwork skills and sportsmanship. To inspire our athletes and fuel their passion for the game. To create a soccer experience that they will remember forever and have the opportunity to experience and build upon summer after summer with us.

Coaches in this camp:

- Paco Lobato , from Atlético de Madrid

- Fermín Martínez, from Atlético de Madrid


8 a.m.- 11 a.m. : Ages from 8 to 13. Boys&Girls all playing abilities.

12 p.m. - 15 p.m. : Ages from 14-19. Boys&Girls all playing abilities.

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U24 Special

U24 Leagues:

Early bird: 5v5 - $400 7 games // 6v6 $500 7 games

Plus ref fees

After early bird add $100
Free agent $65

1 player over 24 allowed for an extra $60


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Contact bob@forosportsclub.com for more info, discounts and more!

We offer mens, womens and coed 5v5, 6v6, 7v7 and 9v9 leagues!

bob@forosportsclub.com / (214) 738-5183

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Contact esteban@forosportsclub.com or (469) 970-1034

Upcoming leagues:

Monday Men’s 5v5 Open / Men’s 6v6 Open

Tuesday Men’s 5v5

Tuesday Men’s 7v7 Open, A, B, Over 40

Wednesday Coed and Women’s 5v5

Wednesday Men’s 9v9

Thursday Men’s 5v5 Open / Men’s 6v6 Open / Men’s 7v7 Open

Friday Men’s 6v6, Coed 5v5

Saturday Men’s 9v9

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Sand Volleyball Program

1) Outdoor Skills Group Class

Fee = $90/hr before 8 pm, $100 after 8pm

2) Outdoor Private Club Class

Fee = $90/hr + $10 each additional player, before 8 pm; Or $100+ $10 each additional, after 8pm

Example: Double private before 8 pm, price = $100/hr. Double private after 8 pm, price = $110/hr

Coach Gustavo offers private sessions too
More info or to sign up: kgustavo@gmail.com or (214) 864-1152

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Foro Fit x Pursue Performance

Summer 2019!

We are so excited to announce our official partnership with Pursue Performance bringing the heat to adult bootcamps and sports performance training to Foro athletes!

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Sunday 4v4 Volleyball League


Looking for a recreational beach volleyball league? Sign up your team or join our house team for the chance to win the $500 playoff prize and free entry to the next league! Minimum age is 18! Take advantage of our early bird pricing until Feb 5!

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Adult Flag Football 7v7 League

A league and tourney coming soon!

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Make Foro your Flex Football Practice Home!

We have special packages and discounts available. For more info please get in touch!


(214) 738-5183

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Welcome, those who bring life back to the word "PLAY." 163,390 square feet, 3 pro-quality playing surfaces, multi-sport, all-weather! FORO has professional-grade facilities for back-to-basics sports such as 5v5 Soccer, (Beach) Volleyball, 5v5 (Flag) Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Dodgeball, Futsal, Rugby, Lacrosse, Parkour and more. Take your pick.