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About Us

FORO is the sports club for athletes who are passionate about play.

FORO Sports Club (FSC) is a lifestyle anchor to retail and residential developments. FSC offers league play, rentals, skills, camps, tournaments, fitness, hospitality and entertainment. 2 pro-quality playing surfaces, multi-sport, all-weather! FORO has professional-grade facilities for back-to-basics sports such as 5v5 Soccer, (Beach) Volleyball, 5v5 (Flag) Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Dodgeball, Futsal, Rugby, Lacrosse, Parkour and more.

Meet The Team

Robert Peinado Jr. 

Kristian Quintana


General Manager

LaLiga Academy Dallas

Gonzalo Santa Martinez

LaLiga Academy Dallas Director

Adult Leagues:

Youth Leagues:

Leslie Blackard

Information / Marketing

Rentals and Leagues

Brands at FORO

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