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Friday Night Lights Open Play

open play 2023 poster.jpg

Get in touch for more info at:


  • Opening date: April 7th

  • Time: 8:30pm -11:30pm

  • Checking: 7:30pm

  • Format: 5v5

  • Roster max: 7

  • Game Time: 7 minute game

Point System:

  • 3 points for win

  • 1 point for tied

  • 0 points for loss


  • Form your team of 5s (4 on field plus goalie) compete all night every Friday night

  • 7 minute games

  • Teams will rotate and play all teams every Friday night

  • Points accumulate every Friday night

  • Top 2 teams with the most points at the end of the month will receive a reward

Requirements and Cost:

  • Teams must sign up on

  • Teams must create their team name and rosters

  • Teams can remove and replace players by Thursday night

  • Teams cannot have more than 7 players at field (5 on field and 2 bench)

  • All players must be on the team roster, 7 players per team max

  • All 7 players must play with the same team every Friday night

  • All players must have FORO accounts

  • All players must have FORO Open Play ID to check in

  • Players without FORO Open Play ID are not eligible to participate

  • $10 FORO Open Play ID (one-time fee)

  • $10 Friday nights at check-in after completing all above

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