FORO is the sports club for athletes who are passionate about play.


FORO Sports Club (FSC) is a lifestyle anchor to retail and residential developments. FSC offers league play, rentals, skills, camps, tournaments, fitness, hospitality and entertainment. FSC offers three unique products and services: PLAY, TRAIN and RECOVER


163,390 square feet, 3 pro-quality playing surfaces, multi-sport, all-weather


Welcome, those who bring life back to the word "PLAY." 

FORO has professional-grade facilities for sports such as Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Dodgeball, Futsal, Rugby, Lacrosse, Parkour and more. Take your pick. 

FORO also features open-play, regular leagues, tournaments, large-scale and local events.


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57,250 square feet of training and conditioning areas


OPEN IN 2019

Welcome, those who push their bodies.

The training center will create an engaging fitness experience, ultimately becoming the one-stop-shop for people who are passionate about health and fitness. The goal is to increase an athlete's overall work capacity, developing skills through many different sport modalities, state of the art equipment, goal specific training and nutrition protocols. We strive to build and improve cardio respiratory endurance, stamina, speed, strength, power, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. 

We train to become stronger, faster and more powerful. Superior strength and fitness allows our athletes to go out and succeed in whatever comes their way, no matter the circumstance or context. 




22,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor recovery areas


Welcome to your empire.

Hospitality services at FSC are independently branded and operated according to local needs. This is where you go to refresh and renew. Start with fully-equipped locker room including: showers, steam, whirlpool/plunge tubs, massage and finish with a quick snack at the Recovery Cafe, a meal with your friends at the Players Lounge, a drink on the Sports Patio, or continue on with after hour sports at the Social Club.



Robert Peinado Jr.
President/Principal, LRS Real Estate /

Robert Peinado Sr.
Principal, LRS Real Estate /

Robert Peinado
Project Manager /

Esteban Rendon
Foro Leagues Manager /

Rick Castillo
Sports Marketing and Partnerships / President and CEO, RCA Agency, LLC. /

Coach Gustavo Neto
Foro Volleyball /

Coach D’Juan Woods & Micheal Myers
Foro Fit / Ultimate Adult Bootcamp /

Trevor Briggs
Foro Fit x Pursue Performance /

Welcome, those who sweat. 

Who aren’t afraid of pain.


Welcome, those who want to bring life back to the word “play.”

Who have seen what it is to win.

And want to feel that way again.


Welcome, those who push their bodies.

Harness their strengths.

Use their instincts to predict their opponent’s next move.

And their minds to expand their limits.


Welcome, those too brave to fear.

Always open for a challenge.

Never backing down.


Welcome, those who befriend worthy opponents.

Postpone goodbyes just a little longer.


Welcome to your arena.

Where competition is in the air. Glory is celebrated. 

And passion is everywhere in between.


Welcome to a place like no other.

Welcome to FORO