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Q: Where are you all located? 

A: We are located in North Dallas just south of Belt Line at 14719 Preston Road Dallas, Texas 75254.

Q: What exactly is Foro Skills?

A: Foro Skills is a private/small-group training program. Our Private & Small-group trainings style of training is skill appropriate game realistic settings to achieve the athletes’ objectives taught by experienced player-coaches. We work with what you and your child want to improve on.


Q: What is the price?

A: Our cost depends on the service requested and the package. We offer discounts for multiple sessions. For prices please view our services here

Get in touch

Q: What are the days and times that I can come out for a free session?

A: Let us know your schedule! We usually host our trial sessions on Tuesdays and Thursday from 4pm-6pm. Would you be available to come out for a session? Get in touch.


Q: Is this an Academy?

A: No, we are not an academy, we are a private 1-on-1 / Small group organization. Are you looking for a private or more Academy? If so, we partner with La Liga Academy Dallas who I can get you in touch with. 

Q: What is your contact info?

A: / 214-389-9708 

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